The following information will be of a great value for future international relationships of the Bulgarian Vascular Surgeons:

The "Bulgarian Association of Vascular Surgeons" (BAVS) is a new professional organisation, founded by 21 vascular surgeons on the 18-th of March 2002 in Sofia, Bulgaria and officially registered on the 16.04.2002. Currently the BAVS members account for some 2/3 of all vascular surgeons in Bulgaria. .

The Constitution of BAVS clearly notify the aim of the organisation - to unify the efforts of the Bulgarian vascular surgeons in different areas: national registration, specialisation in vascular surgery, continuous medical education, participation to the activities of the Ministry of Health (incl. novel legislation, standards and regulations), support to the projects in the field of vascular surgery and vascular diseases, protection of BAVS' members against vindication, financial support for membership to international organizations and representation at international levels, collaboration to the international activities of vascular surgeons, etc.

The BAVS' General Assembly (GA) meetings took place on the 07.06.2002 and 01.11.2002 in Sofia.

Assoc. Professor Andreia P. Andreev, MD, PhD (Stara Zagora) was elected as a President of BAVS for the next 3 years. For Vice-Presidents Professor V. Anastassov, MD, PhD (Plovdiv), Assoc. Prof. V. Drenovsky, MD, PhD (Sofia) and Assoc. Prof. V. Kniazhev, MD, PhD (Varna) were elected. K. Guirov, MD, PhD (Sofia) was elected as a Secretary, R. Stoychev, MD (Sofia) - as a Treasurer and I. Boyanov, MD (Sofia) - as a Chief of the Control Committee. All are Members of the Governing Council (GC) of BAVS together with A. Kurktchiev, MD (Sofia); D. Jelev, MD, PhD (Plovdiv); T. Kavrakov, MD, PhD (Stara Zagora).

According to the decision of the BAVS' GA, membership fees for ESVS of some BAVS-members were already paid, a web-site ( was created, the expenses for some BAVS members, who took part to the GA meeting, were covered. The 2003 membership fees of all BAVS members for ESVS and IUA will be covered as well.

The "Vascular Diseases" will be the official Journal of BAVS and the first issue was already published. A. Andreev was elected as an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.